About Me


I am a postdoc at Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen in the Mathematical Biology group, where my mentor is Elisenda Feliu.

Previously, I was a PhD student at Department de Matemàtiques of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under the supervision of Joaquim Roé.

I also spent four months at TU Berlin in the framework of the Thematic Einstein Semester on Algebraic Geometry, funded by Sturmfels' Einstein foundation project “Nonlinear Algebra”.

Research Interest

My research interests are in pure and applied Algebraic Geometry. On the pure side, I study the geometry of a locally closed subfunctor of the Hilbert functor aiming to obtain sharper upper bounds on the dimension of linear systems of curves on surfaces. On the applied side, I started working on Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Chemical Reaction Networks.


  1. The Waring rank of binary binomial forms, with S.K.Masuti.

    • Pac. J. Math. (to appear)
    • | ArXiv |
  2. Inverting catalecticants of ternary quartics, with E.Cazzador & R.Homs.

    • Le Matematiche (to appear)
    • | ArXiv |
  3. 96120: The degree of the linear orbit of a cubic surface, with S.Timme & M.Weinstein.

    • Le Matematiche 75 (2020), no.2, pp. 425–437
    • | BibTeX | DOI | ArXiv |
  4. On the universal scheme of r-relative clusters of a family.

    • Communications in Algebra 45 (2017), no.6, pp. 2708–2725
    • | BibTeX | DOI | ArXiv |


  1. Disguised toric dynamical systems, with G.Craciun & M.-Ş.Sorea.

  2. The blow up split section family.

Slides from talks

  1. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa: Virulence vs Biofilm Formation

  2. Reaction networks and toric systems

  3. Julia intro for Algebraic Geometers

  4. Computing the local dimension